Your Ideal Music Player

Want to know which music player is ideal for you? You can get easily confused by variety of music players available – CD player, MP3 music player, iPod, and DVD player.

A compact disc player or popularly known as a CD player is very popular. It can play music and audio files from a compact disc. Time duration of one compact disc is around 75 minutes. You can listen songs up to 75 minutes with one CD. You can listen as many compact discs as you like. It can play mp3 and other standard file formats. Price wise it is very economical.

Portable mp3 music player is also very convenient. It comes with different storing capacities. You can choose the suitable one. Other feature remains same. Can play mp3 and standard music files.

An iPod is a third generation portable memory card based music player. It has become very popular recently. Memory cards are available up to 32 giga bytes nowadays. An iPod can typically store much more music or audio files compared to a compact disc. It can play digital music in mp3 and other popular file formats. Earphones are required for listening songs. It is bit costlier but the money spent is worth it.

First generation iPod introduced by Apple Inc. was hard drive based music player. Nowadays, hard drive based music player offers huge storing capacity of 250 giga bytes. Mp3 and standard audio files are supported.

A DVD player can play DVDs produced under DVD audio standard. Many modern enhancements are offered along with digital quality of sound. Cost wise it is higher. You can play compact discs also on a DVD player.