Confidence And Audio Consoles

Sound quality is often an underestimated and overlooked component of public performances. Whether you are a professional sound engineer planning a sixteen-city tour for a rock band, a PTA president in charge of choosing a sound system for the school’s new auditorium, a church music director researching audio consoles for the sanctuary, or a television production crew member looking to rent a console for a mobile broadcasting feed, it’s important that you are confident when buying or renting an audio console.

It’s a common mistake for some sound technicians to underestimate a venue’s size or acoustics, rendering the audio consoles on hand useless. This begs the question, “Who are you renting from?” The more respected renting houses will typically assign a customer service representative to get detailed information about your sound needs. This ensures you get the appropriate analog or digital audio consoles for your venue.

Although analog consoles are still in favor for their ease of use, digital audio consoles allow you to create a full mix using the stored data in a matter of minutes. An exemplary digital audio console is versatile enough to suit any venue, from live concert sound to mobile broadcasting to theatrical or church sound. The capabilities of modern digital audio consoles are extensive — indeed a virtual mix can be completed on screen in a relatively short amount of time. This speed of turnaround makes digital consoles very popular with recording artists. From the monster Digico D5 Live to the compact Yamaha DM2000, finding the audio console that fits your recording and amplification needs is essential.